Internal boot failure after I.MX6 soloX changed rev1.2 to rev1.3

Document created by HAE SUNG JUNG on Sep 26, 2017
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Dear All,


We used the MCIMX6X4EVM10AB CTBD1607 2N19K + L3.10.53 and there was no problem.
However, MCIMX6X4EVM10AB CTBD1607 2N19K is discontinued.

so, we replaced with MCIMX6X4EVM10AB CTBE1646 3N19K.

we were replaced I.MX6 soloX 2N19K to 3N19K on same board and then we were faced to internal boot fail issue after download sucess using MFG tool.

We used NAND Booting, so we using MFG tool to download. and download is always success.

and then we changed the BOOT_MODE from '01' to '10' using the fuse switch. and system power on.....

Internal Booting does not work and it goes directly to Serial Download and it is caught as USB Device on PC.


BOOT_CFG uses '0000'
In case MCIMX6X4EVM10AB CTBD1607 2N19K, both of L3.10.53 and L4.1.15 are successfully booted by Internal nand.

MCIMX6X4EVM10AB CTBE1646 3N19K, both L3.10.53 and L4.1.15 were successfully downloaded using MFG but There is does not work Internal nand booting.

I saw the document 'i.MX 6SoloX Application Processor Silicon Revision 1.2 to 1.3 Comparison'
I could not find any part to change as software.

I.MX6 Solo After changing from Rev1.2 to Rev1.3, is there any part that needs to be modified as S / W or H / W?