FRDM-KL27Z MMA8451Q – Accelerometer data visualization/evaluation using STB-CE 

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Hi Everyone,


In my previous tutorial, I demonstrated how to import an ISSDK based example project into MCUXpresso IDE, build and run it on the Freedom board (FRDM-KL27Z). If you want to visualize/log sensor data, easily change sensor settings (ODR, Range, Power Mode) or directly read and write sensor registers, you can use the Freedom Sensor Toolbox-Community Edition (STB-CE) as described below or in the STBCEUG.


1. Connect the SDA port (J13) on the FRDM-KL27Z board to a USB port on your computer.


2. Open STB-CE GUI by double clicking the Freedom Sensor Toolbox (CE) shortcut located on your desktop.


3. Select "Out of Box Sensor Demonstration".


4. Select the Project to be launched and click on Continue.

  • Base Board Name – FRDM-KL27Z

  • Shield Board Name – OnBoard

  • Project Name – MMA8451 Accelerometer Demo


5. The ISSDK-based MMA8451 Accelerometer Demo firmware is loaded to the KL27Z MCU and the MMA8451 Accelerometer Demo v1.0 GUI launched.


6. In the Main screen you can change basic MMA8451Q accelerometer settings (ODR, Range, Power Mode), enable embedded functions (Landsacpe/Portrait, Pulse/Tap, Freefall, Transient), start/stop accelerometer data streaming and/or logging.  


7. The Register screen (MMA8451) provides low-level access (R/W) to the MMA8451Q registers along with a detailed description of the selected register.


8. To change the bit value, simply click on the corresponding cell (make sure you selected the Standby mode before writing a new value to the selected register).



I hope you find this simple document useful. f there are any questions, please feel free to ask below.