How to install and run the Thread Group's Commissioning App on IDEX1.1 (and above)

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1) Boot up the NXP Modular Gateway with stock IDEX1.1 SDK (or above).  Please insure the GTWY is Ethernet or Wi-Fi connected for remote access.


2) SCP into the GTWY IP address (either via command line SCP or WinSCP tool).


3) On the GTWY goto "/etc"

  •  create a backup copy of the file "inittab" (so that you can revert back later if needed)
  •  copy over the "inittab" provided (attached below)


4) On the GTWY goto "/etc/init.d"

  •  create a backup copy of the file "BRDeamons" (so that you can revert back later if needed)
  •  copy over the "BRDeamons" provided (attached below)


5) Reboot the GTWY

  •  the GTWY will restart but the following services will not be started by default (TUN, ThreadControl, ZigbeeControl)


6) On the GTWY goto "/home/root/

  •  transfer "" provided (attached below) and extract it


7) Install the latest "host_sdk" SW you just unzipped

  •  # cd host_sdk/hsdk/
  •  # make
  •  # make install PREFIX=/usr/lib


8) Update the KW41Z GTWY radio module

  •  # cd /home/root
  •  transfer the "thr_host_41z1p0p2_patched.bin" (attached below) onto the gateway at /home/root
  •  # FsciBootloader /dev/ttymxc5 thr_host_41z1p0p2_patched.bin
  •  After the serial bootloader transfer completes, REBOOT the gateway


9) Prepare your REED device for commissioning:

  • Re-flash your FRDM-KW41Z board by drag/dropping  "thr_reed_frdm41z1p0p2_patched_noBL.bin" (attached below) into the MSD drive  for your FRDM-KW41Z board on a PC
  •  After the .bin transfers, un-plug and re-plug the FRDM board
  •  Open a terminal connection to the FRDM board (Serial: 115200 8 N 1 N)
  •  Type the following command,  to determine the EUI for your board.
    • $ thr get eui
    • eui: 0x0DF3370C00000002
  • Use to create a QR code for you board
  • Use "text" option
    • v=1&cc=ABCDEF&eui=0DF3370C00000002
    • Note: use the EUI of you board, above is only an example.  Keep "cc=ABCDEF"


10) Start the commissioning demo on the GTWY

  •  # export PYTHONPATH=/home/root/host_sdk/hsdk-python/src
  •  # cd /home/root/host_sdk/hsdk-python/misc/commissioning/linux/
  •  make sure the *.py and *.sh apps are executablechmos
    • # chmod a+x *.sh *.py
  •  # ./
  •  #  python /dev/ttymxc5 eth0 -r -c 25


11) Download and install the Thread Group Commissioning App:


12) Run the Commissioning demo:

  • Make sure your android phone and GTWY are on the same IP subnet, and make sure the "" app in step 10 is running on the GTWY
  • Open the Thread app on the smartphone
  • The Thread app should discover the Commissioning service on the GTWY
  • Tap on the IPv4 address to connect to the commissioner
    • NOTE: If the "Thread Admin Password" pop-up comes up, please enter "kinetis" (no quotes)
  • Scan the QR code for the REED you created in the earlier step:
  • After scanning the commissioner will await the REEDs attempt to connect

  • Now power on the FRDM REED, and the begin the Thread commissioning process by either pressing SW3 or SW4 on the board, or by typing "thr join" on the FRDM boards debug shell
  • After the FRDM board has commissioned the Thread app will show the following:


You have now successfully used the Thread Group commissioning app with the NXP Modular Gateway!