Program the firmware to PNEV5180B board

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When the PNEV5180B cannot work with the Cockpit, you can re-program the firmware to the board. Below are the steps show you how to program the firmware to the board again.


1. If you don't have the MCUXpresso, please download the MCUXpresso from the NXP web first.

MCUXpresso Software and Tools for ARM® Cortex®-M cores|NXP 


2. Install the MCUXpresso IDE v10.0.0 to your PC.


3. Configure PNEV5180 board to use external power supply J101, and then power up the board. There is 10-pin ARM Cortex header on the PNEV5180B , connect  LPC-Link2 debug probe to it (J7) by using flat cable and also connect debug probe to the PC host over USB mini cable - both jumper on debug probe are open (JP1 and JP2).


4. Start MCUXpresso IDE and import any LPC1769 project from filesystem. For example: This is important to give programmer right definitions.

SW3522 can be downloaded from here : NFC Reader Library v4.040.05.011646 R1 for PNEV5180B including all software examples 

5. After import the SW3522, you can try to build the example and run the example on your board. e.g. NfcrdlibEx1_BasicDiscoveryLoop.

Click LinkServer GUI Flash programmer icon on the main menu. When started programmer tool will check if LPC-Link2 debug probe is attached.


6. Browse to the C:\nxp\NxpNfcCockpit_v4.0.0.0\firmware\Secondary_PN5180\BootLoader_And_Nfcrdlib_SimplifiedAPI_EMVCo_Secondary.bin.

Set the Base address to 0x0.


7. Flash Write Done.


8. After this, reset the board and to start NFCCockpit v4.0.0.0. The board will be recognized.



P.S. The board is connected to PC via VCOM. If there is any driver issue, please try to re-install the VCOM driver and restart the PC. The VCOM driver can be found in the C:\nxp\NxpNfcCockpit_v4.0.0.0\VCOM.