Getting Started with the NXP Modular IoT Framework

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To Ask a Question or Start a Discussion - Please Join this "Group"

1. Log in or sign up for the NXP Community

2. Open NXP Modular IoT Framework 

3. Click on "Actions" menu from top right and select "Join group" to participate in community support activities

4. You will immediately be joined to the group and be able to ask a question or start a discussion

What is the NXP Modular IoT Framework

The NXP Modular IoT Framework is a set of pre-integrated HW and SW components distributed as orderable physical HW and associated downloadable SW, documentation, etc.

For marketing information on the NXP Modular IoT Gateway/Framework please see:

What is an Integrated Development Experience (IDEx)

A pre-integrated set of orderable HW and associated downloadable soft content is called an Integrated Development Experience (IDEx)

Please note that the soft portion of IoT IDEx's are NXP moderated downloads with controlled membership and can be accessed by members here:

If you are not a member of the IDEx download site, please indicate your interest in membership here by requesting a download:


And the team will follow up with you to confirm arranging access to the IDEx soft content.

Please note that IDEx soft content can be downloaded for review without purchase of the associated IDEx HW kit.


IDEx's are precisely defined and distributed.

The documentation for a respective IDEx clearly defines the content of the IDEx, the level of integration, and what is distributed as:

  1. Demonstration
  2. Reference Design
  3. Production Ready

Getting Started with the NXP Modular IoT Framework

The recommended approach is to order a pre-integrated IoT HW Gateway/Framework kit.

The first IDEx available is the General Purpose IDEx.

Information_or_to_buy_SLN-IOT-GPI (General Purpose IDEX)

Which will come with directions for how to access the SW and documentation in the box.


The IDEx documentation provides detailed guidance to:

  1. Get started
    1. Figure out what is what
    2. Install the apk on your Android smart phone or IoS app on your iPhone
    3. Establish a cloud account
  2. Reproduce the out of box demos
  3. Reproduce, build, and flash all of the various images on your own
  4. Learn how the various IoT components work and integrate with each other
  5. Extrapolate to start working on your own IoT products using the Modular Framework/IDEx as your starting point

IDEx Support is Available at No Cost to All Users

All users are encouraged to use this Community for their support needs.

NXP and Volansys will focus their no cost support efforts via this Community on the latest IoT Integrated Development Experience (IDEx) and currently supported IDEx's.

No cost IDEx support includes:

  • Out of box
  • Setting up the cloud and phone reference designs
  • Commissioning the devices on the cloud, gateway and respective networks
  • Reproducing the demos
  • Reproducing the building and flashing of the images 
  • How the integration's reference designs and production components are intended to be used as the starting point for your own connected products

Don't See a Feature You Need

Please let us know your use case(s) via this Community or offline and we will advise if the feature(s) you need are planned in an upcoming release.


Additional Support/Services Are Available

NXP and Volansys are committed to providing comprehensive support to all users of the IDEx as noted.

Additional support is available to all users via the NXP commercial Pro Support and Services team.

  • Purchase flexible Support contracts in defined hour bundles for use as you see fit
  • Purchase Services via formal SOW to meet your specific determinism and program needs

Additionally available Support and Services can include:

  • Cost optimizing any IDEx modular HW component to meet specific use case needs
  • Porting the IDEx SW to your custom HW
  • Adding or accelerating new functionality to the IDEx SW
    • New protocol stacks
    • New cloud support
    • New application layers
    • Acceleration of new protocols such as BLE Mesh
    • New IoT RTOS platforms such as Zephyr
    • Additional capabilities required for any of the above
  • Answering your questions not specifically related to the IDEx.
  • Debugging your specific HW or SW customizations including potentially reproducing your system in our lab, etc.
  • Testing your HW and SW for commercial large node network robustness
  • Testing your HW and SW against your specific system level performance parameters
  • Training you and your team on any topics related to the IoT Modular Framework
  • Frozen branch and other committed support duration contracts
  • Provide guidance as you need it for your specific HW and SW requirements
    • Evaluation
    • Development
    • Prototyping
    • Field Trials
    • Production

To Learn More About NXP IoT Pro Support and Services

Just ask us via this Community and we will follow up using the method which you indicate works best for you.