Change RF parameters for KW01 connectivity software

Document created by Luis Antonio Burgos Lopez Employee on Jan 5, 2017
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The RF parameters for KW01 can be changed by firmware using the KW01 connectivity software.


Frequency band:

The operational frequency band can be changed in app_preinclude.h file stored in Source folder.

You can select the operational frequency band for your application only setting "1" to the desired band and "0" for the unused bands.

In the same file also the default phy mode can be selected:

Center frequency, channel spacing, number of channels, bit rate, frequency deviation, filter bandwidth, and other RF parameters:

Most common RF parameters can be changed in declaration of "phyPibRFConstants" on PhyPib.c file.

Search for your operational band and phy mode. For example for US ISM band in phy mode 1:

Then change the desired parameters.

If you want to change, for example, FDev: select "Fdev_25000", then go to declaration and change it from one of the predefined list of values:



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