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The Freescale MQX™ RTOS patch release is now available on the .


This patch release is based on MQX™ RTOS 4.2.0.


See list of fixed issues below. 


For more details, and instructions on how to apply the patch, please consult the release notes.


To get the patch:

1. Visit

2. Click Download


3. Log-in to if you have not done so already.


4. Click MQX RTOS v4.2 releases and patches


5. Click to download the patch zip file.


6. Extract the files


For instructions on how to apply the patch, please consult the release notes.




High level overview of the issues fixed

For details see the release notes.



 Added checking of the heap low address and the heap high address against the memory address 0x20000000 to see whether the global variables reside on that address and issue warning to the user.

 Affects all BSPs.



 When the FFS file system is used and the buffer is destroyed while another task tries to acquire a new buffer, the deadlock occurs.

 Affects all BSPs.



 When two or more ENET devices try to access the PHY at the same time to get the connection status, the PHY returns an incorrect result.

 Affected BSPs: TWR-VF65GS10, SVF522REVB, and TWR-MCF54418



 The serial driver using DMA does not receive data properly.

 Affects all BSPs.



 An error occurs when closing a file handler twice.

 Affects all BSPs.



 MFS dir read does not display correct data.

 Affects all BSPs and MFS.



 Missing tftfp.h header file in the installer package.

 Affects all BSPs and RTCS (NAT enabled).



 Missing protocol in the _mutatr_set_sched_protocol() function.

 Affects PSP.



 RTCS TCP has an issue with the TCP_Process_open function. If more than one are open at the same time, it locks up.

 Affects all BSPs and RTCS.



 MQX RTOS kernel clean up is performed incorrectly.

 Affects PSPs.



 The Ethernet hardware checksum is disabled in the default configuration for the TWR-K65F180M Freescale Tower System module.

 Affects the TWR-K65F180M Tower System module.


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