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Flomio was able to take our SLN-POS-RDR and develop their first EASyPOS prototype in 2 short months!

SLN-POS-RDR Solution used by Flomio to produce first EASyPOS prototype in 2 months

What is an EASyPOS?

EASyPOS is an item level point of sale. A light weight terminal that connects wirelessly to the payment network to securely process transactions and unlock from products for consumers to take. EASyPOS is the first of it’s kind and though placing a POS on every item may seem impractical, it offers several advantages. For one the device is able to monitor it’s location with a high degree of accuracy, guiding shoppers directly to the products they seek and consistently delivering positive purchase experiences. Also, inventory accuracy is all but guaranteed so omnichannel commerce and other popular retail trends are supported. Finally, EASyPOS has lights and sound alerts to enable smart filtering and encourage impulse buys.

 EASyPOS attached to an expensive purse


How do I use it?

Using the EASyPOS is —in fact— “easy”. Follow these steps to complete your purchase:

- Grab the product you want to purchase. 

- Place your Contactless Payment credential on the surface of the contactless payment logo and wait for 4 LEDs to blink green. EASyPOS is now disarmed.

- Slide apart the magnetic halves and remove your from your purchase.

 EASyPOS is two halves connected by a strong magnet and tether to loop around item


How is it built?

The EASyPOS was built by Flomio, an expert in mobile NFC device design. It operates at very low power while actively monitoring for payment engagements, remote notifications, tamper attacks, and location changes throughout the retail environment. Smaller than a deck of cards, the EASyPOS is a payments certifiable device leverages the hardened security and miniaturization advances of NXP Semiconductors. It’s split in two assemblies, the top hosting active components like the freakishly loud 90dB speaker and the bottom containing the wireless recharging power system.

 X-Ray of EASyPOS

Short Video:


About Flomio, Inc.

Disney’s Magic Band™ technology revolutionized their theme park business. Companies eager to “Disney-fy” their businesses without their own team of imagineers and billions to invest turn to Flomio, imagineers for the rest of us. Flomio creates proximity ID solutions that help enterprise clients and developers cross the chasm to the next web, the Internet of Things (IoT). Funded by TechStars, Flomio is fundamentally changing the way people engage with the spaces around them by making proximity ID simple to integrate, easy to deploy, and fun to use. Soon, 50 billion devices will regularly connect to the internet. Flomio’s platform empowers enterprise customers and developers to create applications that communicate with these devices. The future is ubiquitous connectivity. Flomio makes sure businesses take advantage of it.