Smart NFC Temperature Sensor

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NXP Content: NHS3100
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Those involved in Cold Chain operations are struggling with the temperature logging products currently in the market. They are either bulky, expensive, inaccurate or rigid in operation, provide only information for part of the complete shipment, or have no means for remediation. Additionally, when looking at transport, each segment has its own solution. Because of all this, there is no end-to-end guarantee. This end-to-end guarantee becomes more and more important, as customers become more demanding regarding the state of the products they bought, governments impose more and more regulations requiring proof of fit for use. Companies that can prove the freshness of their products by adding full traceability will gain an edge over the competition.
Smartphones have become a ubiquitous accessory, penetrating more and more aspects of everyone’s daily life. The NHS3100 includes a fully standards compliant NFC interface, turning the phone into a hub for cloud services and providing immediate visual feedback and remediation options


Value Propositions
With the NHS3100, we can offer a solution that combines the best of both worlds: The advantages of electronics are combined with a lowcost tag enabling the last mile. All this in a form factor small and unobtrusive, suitable for item level logging. On every feature aspect, our ICs are comparable or better than the best performing solution currently in the market.