NXP FTF Connects - Toronto - October 13, 2016

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Design, Software & Services

DES-N1954 Hands-On Workshop ARM mbed OS the Open Source IoT Operating System 

DES-N2084 & DES-N1956 Hands-On Workshop: FreeRTOS Solutions for Kinetis MCUs 

DES-N1973 Hands-On Workshop Master Development on the LPCXpresso Toolchain with Our LPCOpen Development Kit 

Hands-On Workshop: Securing the IoT One Edge Node at a Time with Kinetis

VIDEO PRESENTATION: FTF-DES-N1931 - i.MX 6QuadPlus and i.MX 6DualPlus Applications Processors-Performance-Tier Multicores for Visually Stunning Graphics-Centric Applications 

DES-N1936 i.MX 6UltraLite DDR Tools Overview and Hardware Design Considerations 

DES-N1940 i.MX 8 Graphics Architecture 

DES-N1957 Kinetis Enablement Industry's Most Comprehensive Software Tool Portfolio 

DES-N1967 Leveraging NXP LPC Microcontrollers to Maximize Energy Efficiency in Always-On Applications 

AMF-DES-T2001 - Power Distribution Made Easy 

DES-N1939 Teaching Things to See: Introduction to i.MX 8 Vision Architecture 


Insight & Innovation

INS-N1981 Wireless MCU Overview 


Secure Connected & Automated Vehicles

AUT-N1775 - Enabling Hybrid CAN Networks CAN FD Shield 

AUT-N1793 Hands-On Workshop S32 Design Studio and SDK 

AUT-N1797 MagniV Integrated Solutions for Motor Control 

VIDEO PRESENTATION: FTF-AUT-N1794 - S32K Scalable Next-Generation MCU Family with Advanced Features 


Secure Mobile, Healthcare & Wearables 

MHW-N1921 Digital High Efficiency AC/DC Resonant Supplies 

MHW-N1990 Enabling Ultimate Miniaturization and Customization with the Latest Single Chip System Module Technology 

MHW-N1988 Hands-on Workshop- Designing with NXP Bluetooth Smart Solution for Wearables and IoT Applications 

FTF-MHW-N1987 NXP Wearables & Fitness Platform and Solutions Roadmap 


Smart Networks

NET-N1865 Introduction to QorIQ LS1012A - the Worlds Smallest and Lowest Power 64-bit Processor 

NET-N1868 Market Drivers and Time Sensitive Networks 

NET-N1886 Tips for Silicon Bring-Up of QorIQ LS1043A Processor 

NET-N1863 What's Next for QorIQ - Portfolio and Roadmap