NXP FTF Connects - Detroit - October 5-6, 2016

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Secure Connected & Automated Vehicles

AMF-AUT-T1811 - 4 Layers of Automotive Security for Connected Cars 

AMF-AUT-T2366 - Advanced Standard Products Packaging for the Automotive Market 

AMF-AUT-T2411 - Altia: Breaking Down the Automotive eCockpit Design Challenge 

AMF-AUT-T1764 - Creating Secure Networks for V2X Communications 

AMF-AUT-T1944 - Design the Car of the Future: i.MX 8 Virtualization and Media Capabilities for Next Gen eCockpits 

AMF-AUT-T2345 - Faster Motor Control Development 

AMF-AUT-T2341 - Firmware Updates for Automotive Edge Nodes

AMF-AUT-T2363 - Functional Safety Methodology and Capabilities 

AMF-AUT-T2358 - Functional Safety Power SBC: FS6500 / FS4500


AMF-AUT-T2344 - Hands-On Workshop: MCT for S32K - MATLAB/Simulink Modeling and Code Generation 

AUT-N1891 Hands-On Workshop Programming of NXP's eXtreme Switch in Less Than 10 Minute 

AMF-AUT-T2346 - Hands-On Workshop: S32K, Design Studio and SDK 

AMF-AUT-T1782 - Introduction to Sensor Fusion and Autonomous Drive Vehicle Algorithms 

AMF-AUT-T1823 - Introducing New SPI Controlled Brushed DC Motor Drivers Featuring Functional Safety and Higher Torque 

AMF-AUT-T2324 - Manufacturing Tool 

AMF-AUT-T2353 - MOSFET Based H-bridge Window Lift Implementation 

AMF-AUT-T2343 - S32K and MagniV Overview 

AMF-AUT-T2354 - S32K Security for the Automotive Edge Nodes 

AMF-AUT-T2325 - S32V234 ADAS Vision Processor Overview 

AMF-AUT-T2371 -  Simplify Your Inverter Through Advancements in IGBT Gate Drivers 

AMF-AUT-T2364 - Software Tips and Tricks for the S32V 

AMF-AUT-T2348 - The NXP Audio Video Bridging (AVB) Stack 

AMF-AUT-T2347 - The NXP IVI Platform 

AMF-AUT-T2349 - The NXP Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Stack 

AMF-AUT-T1813 - Trends in Vehicle Architectures 

AMF-AUT-T2367 - TPMS Localization


AUT-N1788 - BlueBox - A Powerful Brain Enabling the Design of Self-driving Cars with Safe, Secure and Reliable Motion Planning Systems 

AMF-AUT-T2323 - Vision SDK for S32V Family 

AMF-AUT-T2310 - Yocto Project™ Tools for BSP Developers 


Design, Software & Services

AMF-DES-T2412 - Cog Systems: Introducing D4 Secure SDK - Leverage Virtualization to Build Your Secure Connected Devices 

AMF-DES-T2409 - DornerWorks: Xen on the i.MX 8 Applications Processors 

AMF-DES-T2304 - Effective Printed Circuit Board Design: Techniques to Improve Performance 

AMF-DES-T2305 - Electromagnetic Fields for Normal Folks: Show Me the Pictures and Hold the Equations, Please 

AMF-DES-T2360 - EMI Made Simple: It's All About the Space! 

AMF-DES-T1740 - i.MX 8 and the Vulkan API - The Future of High Performance Graphics Implementations 

AMF-DES-T1894 - Techniques for Crypto Key Management Using i.MX Application Processors 

AMF-DES-T1939 - Teaching Things to See: Introduction to i.MX 8 Vision Architecture 

AMF-DES-T2001 - Power Distribution Made Easy 

AMF-INS-T2024 - Semiconductor 101/102: Functionality and Manufacturing of Integrated Circuits 

AMF-DES-T2352 - Using the New ‘Pins Tool’ for i.MX Applications Processors 

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