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Document created by Michel Abitteboul Employee on Aug 24, 2016
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With JAKARTA you will be able to evaluate various technologies relevant to HMI, including the exciting IS2T MicroEJ® Embedded User Interface, the first Java virtual machine for the NXP Kinetis® L (ARM® Cortex™-M0+).

With around 28 KB of non-volatile memory, IS2T MicroEJ® for NXP Kinetis® L uses only 11% of the KL46 flash memory (and the MCU cost).


Value Propositions

• Increased software productivity: This high-level programming language enables automated complex tasks such as memory allocation, which allow you to focus on solving application problems and not on software design issues.


• Reduced UI specification cycles: MicroEJ® provides an instant simulation and PC prototyping platform to debug and test binary code. Embedded UI can be easily prototyped and validated with marketing and endcustomers before hardware availability.


• Same user experience for all devices: MicroEJ® hardware abstraction capabilities allow the single design of an Embedded UI and for that design to be deployed on several products from low-end to highend 3rd Party devices such as smartphones. Without re-designing your Embedded UI for your entire products portfolio, you can offer your customers the same user experience.


• Flexible design process: Simulation allows short iterative tests with project stakeholders (marketing,ergonomics, R&D …) and brings versatile capabilities to your design process.


• Leverage semiconductor innovations: Java virtualisation interface and universal software capabilities allow you to choose the latest electronic innovations without impacting software.


NXP Content:

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