Apply NCK2912 and FXTH87xx for TPMS RX/TX

Document created by Jason Chiang Employee on Jul 1, 2016
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         The FXTH87XXX is a sensor for use in applications that monitor tire pressure and temperature. It contains the pressure and temperature sensors, an X-axis and a Z-axis accelerometer, a microcontroller, an LF receiver and an RF transmitter all within a single package.


         NCK2912 is a fully integrated single-chip receiver for use in an automotive environment. The device
incorporated several commonly used building blocks including a crystal stabilized oscillator, a fractional-N based Phase Locked Loop(PLL) for a accurate frequency selection, Low Noise Amplifier(LNA), attenuator for
Automatic Gain Control(AGC), I/Q down-mixer and two high resolution Analog to Digital Converters(ADC). By transforming signals in the digital domain in an early phase, one highly configurable RX channel is available including channel filter, ASK/FSK demodulator, clock-data recovery, bit processor and a micro-controller memory interface(DMA) allowing the micro-controller to complete the data handling and handshaking. NCK2912 has an embedded RISC micro-controller optimized for high performance and low power as well as an
EROM for customer application.