Example TRK-MPC5606B I2C communication with PCA24S08 CW210

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This example shows I2C communication with NXP PCA24S08 memory.

The simple MPC5xxx I2C driver is used,

see driver code/description on https://community.freescale.com/docs/DOC-330972.


EVB connection:

P1.11 - A[10] .. I2C0 SDA

P1.12 - A[11] .. I2C0 SCL



Test HW:  TRK-MPC5606B

Maskset:  0N13E

Target :  RAM, Flash

Terminal: 115200, 8N1

Fsys:     64 MHz PLL with 8 MHz crystal reference in RUN0.



PC terminal displays this info ...




You can see following I2C bus signals for particular conditions …

Writing byte “H” into address 0x28

Read content of the address 0x28


Writing string “Hello world!” into address 0x152



Reading page (16 bytes) from memory address 0x150