Kinetis Motor Suite (KMS) - 3D Printer using KMS and KV3x MCUs

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Kinetis motor suite is a highly intuitive motor control development solution that enables the design of sensored and sensorless BLDC & PMSM motor control applications quickly and efficiently, allowing those with limited or no motor control experience to develop an application. In this demo we are enabling multiple motors with KV3x MCUs and driven by Kinetis Motor Suite Software.


The 3D Printer prototype also use NXP devices to replace the “traditional” electronics in 3D printer technology on the market today.   The NXP 3D Printer showcases a multitude of products offered by NXP.   The mix of hardware and software offers the user off-the-shelf parts to have everything to rapidly develop and build a 3D Printer using NXP Technology.





  • A sensorless FOC Brushless DC (BLDC) motor control application with position control, using a Kinetis V Series KV3x ARM Cortex-M4 MCU and the Kinetis Motor Suite solution. 
  • KMS supports the development of sensored and sensorless velocity control, and sensored position control applications for PMSM and BLDC motors.


This NXP 3D Printer reference design combines hardware and software:

  • Microcontrollers – ARM M0+, M4
  • Power Supply components
  • Motor control components
  • DC-to-DC converters
  • Transistors
  • Temperature sensors
  • H-Bridge Pre-Drivers
  • Motor Control Software -  Kinetis Motor Suite!
  • Stepper Motor control library code



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