Kinetis V Series - Motor & Power Control Hardware Enablement

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Kinetis V series iIs supported broadly with 3 main hardware development platforms that target different customer and application needs.



  • Freedom Platform:

Freedom solutions typically target cost sensitive customers with a lower level of integration and flexibility included in the system, a low voltage solution operating at less than 50V.


Customers who are highly cost sensitive can start development with just the FRDM board, but for those customer who want to get the motor turning quickly we provide all the system components necessary to create a complete reference design that will get the motor running out of the box.


Kinetis Motor Suite supports Sinusoidal control technique (also known as FOC, field oriented control) with the FRDM-MC-LVPMSM, which can also be operated with and without a sensor to improve position control accuracy or startup capability.

FRDM-MC-LVPMSM Board spec: 24V, 5Amp, 120W


The customer should purchase MCU FRDM card along with the FRDM-MC-LVPMSM to build their reference design. The motor must be purchased separately under FRDM-MC-LVMTR part number , or they can use their own motor if it meets the Motor Driver card power specification.

FRDM-MC-LVMTR spec: 4000RPM, 24V, 40W


  • Tower Platform:

The Tower Platform allows customers to very quickly turn their application motor straight out the box, and target customers who need more connectivity in their system, and access to more of the MCU pins.


To build the system the customer should purchase the appropriate TWR MCU card, the TWR-ELEV to connect to the TWR-MC-LV3PH driver card. This kit ships with the motor and power supply.


Board Spec:

Voltage: 12-24/50V

Output: 8Amp, 400W

Over current & under voltage protection, encoder/hall sensor sensing circuitry

Supported architectures: 3-phase BLDC & PMSM


  • High Voltage Platform:

The High Voltage Platform allows customers to very quickly spin their high voltage end application motor straight out the box. The High voltage platforms targets customers with motors rated at above 50V but less than 240V.


Customer should purchase the HVP-MC3PH kit along with the appropriate MCU Controller card to build the reference design. The HVP-MC3PH includes the HVP-KV46F150M controller card in the box.


Board Spec:

  • 115/230 volt, 1KW 3-ph motor control development platform for BLDC, PMSM  >1Hp.
  • Main board with inverter & PFC circuitry supports plug-in controller cards for Kinetis KV1x/KV3x/KV4x MCUs
  • Voltage: 85 to 240V

The customer must supply their own high voltage motor to complete the system.


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