Kinetis Motor Suite

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Kinetis motor suite is a highly intuitive motor control development solution that enables the design of sensored and sensorless BLDC & PMSM motor control applications quickly and efficiently, allowing those with limited or no motor control experience to develop an application.





Kinetis Motor Suite (KMS) is a software solution that simplifies the design and accelerates the development of motor control applications. KMS consists of 4 main components: motor tuner, motor manager, motor observer, and an open source reference solution that improves overall motor system performance due to its unique SpinTAC enabled motion controller. KMS is designed for developers of all experience levels, enabling rapid development via the graphical user interface and close integration with Kinetis Design Studio, or by directly controlling the function blocks via the natural API interface after initial tuning and configuration. KMS enables speed and position control across the complete operating range of any type of 3-ph PMSM or BLDC motor regardless of power level.


Increased Efficiency

To increase your motor’s efficiency while further reducing time-to-market, Kinetis Motor Suite streamlines your design by implementing the SpinTAC control system from LineStream Technologies that includes Active Disturbance Rejection Control (ADRC) Technology.


Kinetis Motor Suite reduces your time to market further with:


  • Active disturbance rejection:
  • Single Parameter tuning: traditional PID loop control is time consuming due to trial and error nature of tuning, and requires in-depth knowledge. KMS uses a single, intuitive variable to tune motor response.
  • Automatic motor parameter identification: identifies motor characteristics and uses these to automatically tune the control loops.
  • Automatic System Inertia Estimation: by measuring and incorporating greater knowledge of the mechanical system, KMS achieves tight control of the system’s motion further improving system performance.


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