INS-N2026 Micrium: Which RTOS and IoT Protocol to Use to Connect your Device to Other Devices and to the Cloud

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This session will cover a number of topics relevant to all IoT systems and presented because of instructor’s involvement with the IPSO Alliance. The overriding goal of this session is to help prepare you to design your IoT system starting with the device, up to the Cloud and all the other required components. This session describes the IP protocols dedicated to IoT because it helps shape the system capabilities. This demo will use MQTT in conjunction with the Amazon AWS IoT service. IoT systems are made of multiple components. The most visible ones are the Cloud/web tools. In the demo, the activities are structured around the IT services that differentiate products. The Cloud services that will be covered in the session included in addition to data storage rules and actions, web visualization, and analytics. The demo code and Cloud accounts will be available to participants.