Kinetis MKW01- Sub GHz IoT End Node

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This demo shows a use case of the MKW01Z128 acting as the wireless controller for multiple NXP sensors sending real time data over a 915MHz wireless link. The NXP MEMs sensors providing real time data include the MPL3115A2 (Barometric pressure sensor), FXOS8700 (Combined 3-axes accelerometer and magnetometer) and FXAS21002 (3-axes gyroscope).



  • The demo is based on a FRDM board format platform with a USB charging circuit, using the NXP MC32BC3770 Li Ion battery charger IC, for the Li Ion rechargeable battery that makes the IoT End Node portable. As well as the NXP sensors on the board there is a GPS module (OriginGPS ORG1411) and Humidity and Light sensors. All the real time data is then sent over a 915MHz wireless link to a USB-KW019032 board plugged into a Windows laptop PC. The real time data is then displayed on the PC.
  • Two build versions of the software are available for the FRDM-IOT board. One version sending unencrypted real time data and the other, using the AES128 module available on the MKW01Z128, sending encrypted data. This demonstration clearly shows that AES128 encryption, accelerated by the on-chip AES128 module available on the MKW01Z128, leads to no drop in real time data bandwidth.




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