LPC4350 I2S real time stereo audio filtering example

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This content was originally contributed to lpcware.com by Brewster LaMacchia


This project shows how to take the filter coefficients created by MDS' QEDesign filter design package and use them for real time audio filtering using the floating point DSP capability of the LPC4350. It's designed to run on the Hitex board and uses the UDA1380 for analog stereo I/O. It also uses the touch buttons, COG LCD, and LEDs for controlling operation.


Keil's Logic Analyzer tool was used for performance measurement. For full details see \doc\gen\html\index.html after unzipping the download.


Updated 16-Mar-12 to correct output rolloff in the UDA1380 due to the deemphasis filter being on by mistake.



Original Attachment has been moved to: MyProj.zip