Porting "Chan's FatFS" to the LPC4350

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This content was originally contributed to lpcware.com by Richard Man


This project demonstrates how easy it is to port a commonly used open source FatFS code to the LPC4350 using SDIO and built-in SDMMC support.

In the competitive embedded microcontroller market, one way a silicon vendor can differentiate its offerings from the rest is by integrating higher-function peripherals onchip. As such, it is no
longer unusual to find chips with built-in LCD, USB, CAN, Ethernet, and in some instances, even hardware support for the SD/MMC memory devices.

Such is the case with the NXP LPC4350. With two ARM Cortex cores and many other features, it also sports SD/MMC hardware. Without dedicated SD/MMC support, the firmware typically must use bit banging code which is timing sensitive and adds to the complexity of the code.


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