Automotive Ethernet AVB Demo: ADAS System and a complete Infotainment Solution

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This demo shows an infotainment and ADAS system based on NXP Ethernet components and is divided in three main parts: Infotainment, Network and ADAS.

In the infotainment part, a “Head Unit” ECU plays locally an MPEG movie and also streams it over Ethernet to the second “Rear Seat Unit” ECU. Both ECUs also execute in the backroad the NXP AVB SW stack. This enables the two ECUs to be perfectly synchronized with each other. Therefore the two ECUs can playback the very same video (and audio) frame at the same time on their local displays.

In the network part the new Automotive Ethernet Switch (SJA1105EL) and PHYs (TJA1100HN) implement the Ethernet connectivity of the system. The switch executes the AVB “gPTP” synchronization SW that enables the infotainment application described above to operate.

In the ADAS part a surround view camera captures a video stream and streams it to a “Cluster” ECU also connected via the automotive Ethernet network. The camera is based on the NXP “MPC5604E ” Salsa processor and on a competitor’s BroadR-Reach PHY. This also shows the interoperability of the TJA1100HN PHY with competitor’s products.




  • All displays are implemented with NXP i.MX6 processor, and a full implementation of the NXP Ethernet AVB Stack running on Linux.
  • The camera is based on an NXP Salsa processor (MPC5304EKIT) .
  • The Switch board that connects all displays and the camera uses the NXP SJA1105EL Automotive Ethernet switch and the TJA1100HN BroadR-Reach Ethernet PHY



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