LCD controller design examples using the LPC247x

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The LPC247x microcontrollers have integrated LCD controllers. These microcontrollers support Super-Twisted Nematic (STN) and Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) graphic display panels up to 1024 x 768 pixels, from monochrome up to 24-bit true-color, and with hardware cursor support. This capability is ideal for point-of-sale, industrial, and medical/diagnostic applications. Further, the LCD controller supports Windows CE data formats.

Below are LPC247x-based design examples for a selection of common LCD daughter cards. The designs use an LPC247x Validation Board to carry LPC247x-related signals to the LCD daughter card. Each daughter card provides connectors to the universal LCD connector on the LPC247x Validation Board. Also included are LPC247x configuration codes (IAR EWARM), schematics, gerber files, and BOM's for each LCD module.




LCD TechnologyColor DepthResolutionManufacturerModel
STN4-bit B/WQVGA (320x240)OptrexDMF50840
TFT18-bitWVGA (800x480)HantronixHDA700L
TFT24-bitQVGA (320x240)InnoluxPT035TN01V6
ADTFT24-bit TFTQVGA (240x320)SharpLQ035Q7DB03


Block Diagram


LCD controller design examples_block_diagram.gif




Below are recommended microcontrollers for use in implementing this design to a system.

Comparison Table



LPC24700KB98KBFull 32-Bit112Y1LQFP-208
LPC2478512KB98KBFull 32-Bit112Y1LQFP-208



LCD Daughter Cards

  • Optrex LCD Board Datasheet
  • Optrex LCD Board Schematics
  • Optrex LCD Board Example Code
  • Optrex LCD Board Gerber Files
  • Optrex LCD Board Bill of Materials

Click here to download Hantronix files (attached)

  • Hantronix LCD Board Datasheet
  • Hantronix LCD Board Schematics
  • Hantronix LCD Board Example Code
  • Hantronix LCD Board Gerber Files
  • Hantronix LCD Board Bill of Materials

Click here to download Innolux files (attached)

  • Innolux LCD Board Datasheet
  • Innolux LCD Board Schematics
  • Innolux LCD Board Example Code
  • Innolux LCD Board Gerber Files
  • Innolux LCD Board Bill of Materials

Click here to download Sharp files (attached)

  • Sharp LCD Board Datasheet
  • Sharp LCD Board Schematics
  • Sharp LCD Board Example Code
  • Sharp LCD Board Gerber Files
  • Sharp LCD Board Bill of Materials


More Information

Click here to download LPC247x Validation Board (attached)

  • LPC247x Validation Board Schematics
  • LPC247x Validation Board Gerber Files
  • LPC247x Validation Board Bill of Materials