uCOS-III port for LPC43XX

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This is the uCOSIII port for LPC43XX based hitex board with revision A4. The BSP and the applicaton code for the port is attached below.

The tools supported to build the package are:
a) Keil uVision. It has been tested with V4.53.0.0

There are three attachments on the page containing
i)The BSP,application and the CPU port files.
ii)OS port for the core.
iii) A png file showing the directory structure of the project.

Here is a set of instructions to build and test the port:

1) Unzip the uCOSIII_Port.zip attachment and you should have "EvalBoards" and "uC-CPU" folders.Place them in your convinient folder.

2) Download uCOSIII source from http://micrium.com/page/downloads/download_os-III_source_code

3)You should now have a "Source" folder containing uCOSIII sources. Place this folder in

The directory structure should look like the one shown in the attached png file.

4)Now, find the project file at

5)Double click "hitex4350_tcpecho_uCOSIII.uvproj" which opens the project. Go ahead and build the project for the required target.

6) Connect the Target "Hitex board" with J-Link. And Power it ON. You can either power it with USB or external supply.
The default project is setup to use JLink.

7) You can download the image to the IRAM or flash depending on the target you have built.

8) Run the image, you should be able to ping and telnet it.( This project uses static IP, so change your IP according to your need in the main.c file before building the image)