Updating S1L from S1L

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If you already have S1L on your FDI board, you can update to a previous or later version of S1L with the following procedure. This procedure should not be used to update the kickstart loader in block 0.

Step 1: Boot the system to the S1L prompt. Have your updated version of S1L ready.

Step 2: At the S1L prompt, type 'load term raw 0x90000000' to start the binary receive in S1L of the new image. On your terminal program, send the S1L file (ie, s1l_from_kick_gnu.bin) to the board as a binary file.

Step 3: Once transfer completes, send a break to the board to return to the prompt. In TeraTerm, a break can be sent from the Control menu or by pressing ALT-B.

Step 4: Erase the blocks in FLASH used for S1L storage. These are blocks 1 to 24. Be very careful not to erase block 0, which is used for the klickstart loader. The 'erase 1 24' command can be used to erase the blocks.

Step 5: Write the loaded S1L image into the S1L area starting at block 1. The S1L image is usually between 56K and 80K, so it will easily fit in 1 block. The command 'write 0x90000000 64 64' will perform this operation. The write command take sectors (not blocks) - sector 64 is where block 1 starts.

Step 6: Reset the board to verify the S1L image has been updated.

The entire sequence is shown below. You can see a different version of S1L is running by examining the build date of S1L when it boots.

FDI3250 Kickstart v1.00
NAND Flash Initialized
Running Stage 1 Loader ...

Future Designs, Inc. DK-xTS-LPC3250 Board
Build date: Sep 10 2010 10:12:22
Autoboot in progress, press any key to stop

linux>load term raw 0x90000000
Starting terminal download, send break to stop
File loaded successfully

linux>erase 1 24
Operation will overwrite bootloader - ok?(y/n):
Starting block erase

linux>write 0x90000000 64 64

linux>FDI3250 Kickstart v1.00
NAND Flash Initialized
Running Stage 1 Loader ...
Using default system configuration

Future Designs, Inc. DK-xTS-LPC3250 Board
Build date: Sep 13 2010 11:20:12