LPC4088 Closed Payment Loop Demo

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The LPC4088 based Closed Loop Payment demo shows how a basic closed loop payment system can be created using NXP’s ARM Cortex-M4 based LPC4088.  The leading industry-standard MIFARE contactless and dual interface smart card is used for payment and is fully compliant with ISO 14443A. A 7” 800x480 color touch-screen LCD functions as a graphical user interface (GUI). Using this graphical interface, the card can be queried, items to buy can be selected, and finally the user can proceed to checkout.  The GUI is build using emWin.

NXP's CLRC663, a contacless reader IC, is used to interface with the MIFARE card.

This demo also features the usage of the SPIFI peripheral. A 32Mbit QSPI FLASH chip is used for storing images used by the demo.


LPC4088 POS Demo Block Diagram.png

Demo Video




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NXP CLEV663B demoboard (Blueboard)

Getting started with the RC663 Blueboard

Embedded Artists LPC1788 Evaluation Board (LPC4088 OEM module required for this demo)

Embedded Artists LPC4088 Developers Kit (Baseboard + LPC4088 OEM module)

Embedded Artists 7" 800x480 color LCD

Software Encryption Solutions

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