Kinetis KW01 for TPMS Over-the-Air Software Update

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Brief Description

NXP Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) were preloaded the firmware libraries and test software for a variety of customer use cases. The preloaded TPMS bootloader provides wireless software update function for the aftermarket. This demo uses Kinetis KW01 and Low Frequency emitter to accomplish TPMS over-the-air software update.


Reference Picture



Block Diagram

New Bitmap Image (2).bmp



315 MHz RF

125 KHz LF

FSK modulation

Manchester Encoding

Timer/PWM Modules

IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 7.40

CodeWarrior V6.3


NXP Parts Used

MRB-KW019032 (MKW01Z128CHN)

TPMS870911 (FXTH870911DT1)

LF Emitter Board


Get Software




General Stage

Prototype Launched for Alpha customers



Demo Setup


Hardware Requirements

MRB-KW019032 x 2

  •         MRB-KW019032 Board A: Connected with LF Emitter Board
  •         MRB-KW019032 Board B: Standalone

TPMS879011 x 1

LF Emitter Board x 1


Hardware Connection


Pin function


LF Emitter Board


PTB0 (J15-9)



PTB1 (J14-8)



GND (J15-2)



Demo Description

A prebuild TPMS870911 firmware is stored in MRB-KW019032 Board A and this firmware will be sent to TPMS870911 via 125kHz LF signal. After TPMS870911 completes the firmware update, TPMS870911 will send the information of pressure sensor to MRB-KW019032 Board B via 315 MHz RF signal.


Demo Procedure

  1. Download MKW01_TPMS_bootloader into MRB-KW019032 Board A with IAR 7.40
  2. Download TPMS-MKW01-IAR7v4-Project into MRB-KW019032 Board B with IAR 7.40
  3. Download MPXY8702_TPMS_bootloader into TPMS870911 with CodeWarrior V6.3
  4. Connect USB cable between PC and both of MRB-KW019032 boards, and open the terminal with the following settings

• 115200 baud rate

• 8 data bits

• No parity

• One stop bit

• No flow control

   5. Press the reset button on both of MRB-KW019032 boards and then the demo message will be shown on the terminal.



6. Short Pin19 of J15 (PTD6) on MRB-KW019032 Board A as SW3 press to start TPMS870911 over-the-air software update.

7. After TPMS870911 completes software update, MRB-KW019032 Board B will print the received RF message which was sent from TPMS870911 on the terminal.


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