YUV422 60fps deinterlace patch for Android Camera

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For most of interlace output camera sensors, they only support up to 30fps sample rate. In this case, we may not get good display quality. In order to improve the permance under this case, we can use IPU VDI function to increase the output frequency to be 60fps and then we can get a better quality. The patch is an example to support YUV422(YUYV) 60fps VDI for Android camera preview.

SW Platform:


HW Platform:



  1. Support YUV422(YUYV) input format;
  2. Support IPU 60fps VDI;
  3. Supprot 60fps camera preview, but don't support camera capture.


The linux kernel patch to support additonal IPU function can be found at:


The Android Camera HAL can be found at here.


1. The g_vdi_double is used to decide whether to support these features. When g_vdi_double is set to be 1, these features will be enabled; Or these features will be disabled and camera feature will be the same with default release.

2. The patch should be used at hardware\imx\mx6\libcamera2.

3. Accoeding to the real user case, the user can set IPU VDI motion mode to be 0 or 1 , but NEVER to be 2.

4. The fps can be up to 60fps, but it is not stable now.

Original Attachment has been moved to: 0001-YUV422-deinterlace-60fps-for-kk4.4.2.patch.zip