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One of the new features that can be found on the FRDM-K82F is the FlexIO header. It’s be specifically designed to interface with the very cost-efficient OV7670 camera, and uses 8 FlexIO lines to read data from the camera. By using the FlexIO feature, it makes it easy to connect a camera to a Kinetis MCU. A demo is included with Kinetis SDK 1.3 which streams the video data from the camera to a host computer over USB




The FlexIO is a highly configurable module found on select Kinetis devices which provides a wide range of functionality


• Emulation of a variety of serial/parallel communication protocols

• Flexible 16-bit timers with support for a variety of trigger, reset, enable and disable conditions

• Programmable logic blocks allowing the implementation of digital logic functions on-chip and configurable interaction of internal and external modules

• Programmable state machine for offloading basic system control functions from CPU


All with less overhead than software bit-banging, while allowing for more flexibility than dedicated IP.



One of many places to buy the OV7670 camera module

OV7670 Reference Manual

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