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These are CodeWarrior Licensing Community Document list:


Web License System:

New Web license system - December 8th, 2014 & Problems with Freescale Account.

New Web license system - Registering your physical shipment Software and Support contracts.

How to download a Service Pack / Patch / Update from Web License System?


Register and Purchase:

How to register and retrieve CodeWarrior suite licenses

How to complete a Software Activation Share Account Invite.

Are you getting an Error that your registration code does not exist?

How to extend my evaluation license file for CodeWarrior



How to apply renewal code on registration?

How to renew support for CodeWarrior suite licenses

How to purchase your support renewal for multi-seat software registration.

How to renew MQX RTOS add-on SW IPv6 DL-MQXIPV6-SR-PS



How to rehost CodeWarrior suite license

Cannot Re-host a license - License Lists is empty  (valid to generate a license file associated to a registration too).


Floating License Related:

How to install/check if my floating license file is running ? (known issues)

Step Byt Step Screenshot Guide Floating license FlexLM for CodeWarrior.pdf


USB Dongle Related:

How to install/use USBdongle license under Win 8.1? (Include test with CW for MPC55xx V2.7 & CW for HC12 v5.1)

USBdongle license is not running for CW for PA V10.4 and MCU V10.4 (sometimes) ->  "LM_NOTTHISHOST"



How to merge multiple floating and NL license files in 1 file

What is the difference between the Offline and the Online Installer for MCU 10.5


License FAQ:

Licensing and Registration FAQ|NXP


More CodeWarrior Licensing Discussions:

CodeWarrior Licensing Community