Android Lollipop and Linux 3.14 kernel upgrade for iWave's i.MX6 based products

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iWave provides Android Lollipop and Linux 3.14 kernel BSP upgrades for its i.MX6 based products.

iMX6 Board: From the launch of i.MX6 application processors, iWave Systems, a global leading SOM supplier has launched many variations of i.MX6 CPU modules and an SBC board catering to Industrial, automotive and medical applications.

Complying with the Qseven R2.0 specification, the i.MX6 Q7 SOM supports industrial grade operation with 70mmx70mm size. The i.MX6 MXM SOM supports automotive grade i.MX6 CPU and the automotive specific interfaces with 314 pin MXM2 connector pinout in 85mmx85mm form factor. The recently launched i.MX6 SODIMM SOM module supports both commercial & industrial operating temperature with very compact form factor of 67.6mmx37mm.

iMX6 Board Single Board Computer: Measuring 100mmx70mm, the Pico ITX size i.MX6 SBC board supports on-board connectors for all the i.MX6 interfaces with option to expand IOs through expansion connector. 

iMX6 Board Android Single Board Computer

All these three different form factor System on Modules and Single Board Computers are supported with different i.MX6 CPU variations such as Quad, Dual, Dual Lite & Solo. Besides this i.MX6 Qseven modules also supports i.MX6 Quad Plus and i.MX6 Dual plus CPU configurations.

To enable quick prototyping of these different form factor SOMs, iWave systems supports independent development kit variation for each form factor SOMs with Linux, Android and WEC7* BSP support. These development kits help customer to save up to 60% of new product development cycle sothat the quick time to market can be achieved.

All these i.MX6 products are getting Android Lollipop and Linux 3.14 kernel BSP upgrades which will be available for customers by the first quarter of 2016.

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