One-Chip Qi transmitter NXQ1TXH5

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The NXQ1TXH5 is a one-chip low power Qi transmitter, and it enables an ultra-low cost wireless charging transmitter dramatically reducing application cost while still providing latest WPC version 1.2 Qi compliant performance.


The NXQ1TXH5 demo is provided in an exciting form-factor with a backlight module on which Qi enabled phones can be charged. The demonstration shows the extremely low component count, which is interesting for professionals to understand, and at the same time showing a real-life eye-catching form-factor that draws non-technically skilled person attention. The demonstration challenges people to actually charge their phone and experience charging without wires.


One of the table modules is provided with a table-fan in which there is a Qi power receiver built-in. It can be used as a standby-demo to further draw attention to the demo, even when no phone is placed, and it avoids phones getting lost when there is no expert attending the demo.



Charger.pngFan.png Charging.png


The Qi wireless charging demo consists of a module that can be built into any table, using a 181mm round hole and it can simply be dropped into the hole. It is delivered with a universal mains power supply and hence easy to install. Below pictures show the Qi wireless charging table module demo, as well as dimensions to help building it into available infrastructure.


Demo / product features


  • Ultra low component count solution.
  • Reducing application cost by 30-50% compared to other solutions
  • Easy to layout on 2-sided PCB
  • Excellent EMI behaviour without additional external filtering
  • Ultra low standby power of 10 mW meeting 5-start smartphone charger standby rating
  • High efficiency of 75%
  • Excellent thermal behaviour due to NXPs proprietary low RDSon power silicon technology

NXP Recommends


  • NXQ1TXH5 - Low cost version; contact your local sales representative for information on NXQ1TXL5