Smart Sensing Amplifier

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Two-way smart amplifier turns traditional speakers into sensors - The demo consists of a modified Nexus 6 phone where the Speakers can be used to record audio and sense vibrations.


Demo / product features

The TFA9911 proposition is a combination of NXP hardware (Maximus smart amplifier) and software (Lifevibes audio processing) unlocks the best audio performance under all circumstances, outdoors, at concerts and in sport events.


With this solution, consumers are able to record loud events where most other smartphones saturate and distort the sound. It leverages the speaker as a microphone, whose signal is less sensitive to saturation to improve the microphone signal when degradations occur. Also during playback, the smart amplifier boosts the speaker loudness to the max, while staying within the speaker limitations.


The solution also allows more comfortable calling, where the smart speaker amplifier boost the maximum loudness for speakerphone calling.

Finally, with the solution consumers can use tapping as an additional user interface, using the speaker as a vibration sensor.


Feature Summary:

  • Speaker-as-a-Microphone (SaM) – using earpiece or back speaker as additional microphones for excellent performance in loud and windy environments
  • Speaker-as-a-Vibration-Sensor (SaV) – using speaker as vibration sensor for tap detection
  • Smart Amplifier - New speaker protection algorithms increase loudness while maintaining the audio quality at speaker limit capability.


NXP Recommends

Combination of Maximus TFA9911 Smart Sensing Amplifier with LifeVibes AudioCapture software:



  • TFA9911 – (LINK TBD)
    1. NXP invented world’s first smart amplifier, and is the market leader, shipping more than 300 million units. For example all top-10 Chinese smartphone OEMs use NXP smart amplifier, and in total over 100 phone models are released in the market.


  • LifeVibes AudioCapture -
    1. LifeVibes audio processing software has been deployed in over 3 billion devices.
    2. LifeVibes AudioCapture provides state-of-the-art audio enhancements for mobile devices. AudioCapture includes two microphone noise suppression, audio zooming, and wind noise suppression, all allowing consumers to make high quality audio captures of music, speech and other audio during camcording, meetings, and other recordings.
    3. Loud Environment (‘High SPL’) Recording
  • High loudness recording (up to 135dB SPL) without saturation using speaker as a microphone
    • Using 2 microphones and existing speaker as a microphone (SaM)
    • Preserving stereo image