How can I earn points?

Document created by Diana Torres Employee on Dec 30, 2015
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Hello Community users:


As you might be well aware, you are a valuable member of NXP as you log in the Community, and therefore, you become a creditor too of points and rewards as you participate, contribute and engage with it.

You sure have seen little images like this Level-5-Status.png meaning the status level of a certain user. Each time this user creates new content, replies to existing one or adds important information, is generating points. For a certain amount of points, a different banner of these applies and substitutes the previous one, always incrementally, to show off the great participation of all users.


How to get points:


Have your reply marked as a decision10
Create a custom stream5
Create a discussion5
Install an app5
Mark something as a decision5
Mark something as final5
Creating new documents 4
Create an event4
Post a correct answer to a question4
Comment on an event2
Comment on an idea2

Post a helpful response

Attend an event1
Comment on any content1
Create an idea1
Follow another user1
Have someone follow you1
Have someone like something you posted1
Have someone like your status update1
Post a status update1
Reply to a discussion1

Vote on an idea


This way you can make a projection of your point range and the status you'll be showing off up next:

       0     -     100 Points:       Level-1-Status.png  Newbie

  101     -     500 Points:          Level-2-Status.png  Novice

  501     -     1500 Points:        Level-3-Status.png   Apprentice

1501     -     3000 Points:        Level-4-Status.png   Expert

3001 +        Points:                Level-5-Status.png   Master



Now that you know this in a detailed way, feel free to earn as much points as you can and share with other Community members your most liked ways to do so!!



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