Smart Home Automation Full System with multiple end nodes

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NXP Content: 


JN5169 - Ultra Low power ZigBee wireless microcontroller 

QN902x - Ultra Low power Bluetooth Smart wireless microcontroller Picture1.png

PN7120 - NFC Controller 

NTAG I²C – Connected tag


  1. i.MX - Arm-based applications


NXP Audio Software

LPC54100 - Dual-Core
microcontrollers ARM® Cortex®-M0+ & M4F

SSL5251 - LED Driver IC

MIFARE DESFire - NXP’s well-known brand for a
wide range of contactless IC

Kinetis MCU - Low Power 32-bit
Microcontroller based on ARM® Cortex®-M Cores



Short Demo Description


NXP Smart Home is demonstrating the industry’s most comprehensive Smart Home solution, integrating a vast array of technologies critical for the creation of end products that make homes more secure, convenient and energy efficient.


The NXP Smart Home Demo consist of a:


  • EEDOMUS Multifunction, Multiprotocol, ZigBee, Bluetooth Smart, NXP Bluetooth Smart Mesh, NFC and WiFi Gateway
  • ZigBee, BLE and BLE Mesh RGB Smart Lights, CCTW smart Lights with NFC Commissioning
  • ZigBee Motion sensor
  • ZigBee Light Sensor
  • ZigBee Door & window  sensor
  • ZigBee Smoke detector
  • “FreeLux” ZigBee Smart Plug with NFC Commissioning
  • “Enocean” ZigBee Energy Harvesting Switch
  • “Salto” door lock with Zigbee with MiFare DESFire
  • “Ecobee” WiFi Thermostat
  • ZigBee Voice recognition Module powered by NXP SW algorithm
  • ZigBee “Baby monitor” powered by NXP SW algorithm
  • “Enocea”n ZigBee Energy Harvesting Switch
  • WiFi IPCAM
  • “Skybell” video doorbell The below scenarios can be demonstrated


Smart Energy


  • Energy Saving : Smart thermostat and bulbs with presence detection and voice
  • Money Saving : Smart plug to follow energy tariffs



  • Personal Identification: Adapt room light hue and room temperature with Mifare Card
  • Voice Control: Control room light hue and room temperature trough the voice
  • Installation: NFC Secure Commissioning


Safe N Secure

  • Intrusion Detection: Light ON, Notification to phone and Stream IPCAM
  • Smoke/Fire Detection: Light path, Notification to phone, Stream IPCAM and Unlock door
  • Door Lock: Remote locking/unlock and use Mifare Card
  • Baby crying:send notification to TV and smartphone when the baby cry


Value Propositions


For manufacturers of Smart Home end-node products, NXP Smart Home highly integrated solution dramatically streamlines product creation, enabling up to 50 percent faster time to market. And for consumers, the solution paves the way for secure, easy-to-use end-products that are simple to deploy, control and enjoy.  NXP Smart Home remove the complexity of the first setup of devices that are as diverse as the standards in which they operate, thanks to the use of the Easy One Touch NFC Commissioning.


NXP Smart Home provides a complete solution that respond to the people demand to have the Home


  • Safe and Secure
  • Convenient and Comfortable
  • Energy Efficient and Eco friendly


NXP Smart Home simplify the Smart Home with a comprehensive solution combining:


  • End-to-end security to protect consumer privacy from the node to the gateway to the cloud.
  • NFC commissioning which provides secure “tap and connect” communications between smart devices to the home network
  • Best-in-class algorithms for voice activation and context sensing features for IoT products. These algorithms work with most third-party speech recognition software partners and feature low-power microprocessors which enable devices to stay active when in sensing mode to extend battery life.
  • Arm-based i.MX applications processors for Gateways, featuring complete software and hardware and supported tools
  • An agnostic to approach wireless technology, enabling optimal connectivity interoperability across standards such as Thread, ZigBee 3.0, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and BLE Mesh.


The NXP Smart Home solution integrates a network of sensors done in collaboration with our multiple partners and customers. The network of sensor in the house measures and monitors the environment. And then, by using the application software developed with our partners EEDOMUS, the NXP Smart home makes a decision whether or not to open windows, turn on or off the heating, airco, lights or entertainment system, to activate the security system, etc.  With our Application software, for example, is very simple to:


  • Define scenes, like Security On/Off , heating On/OFF, Light On/FF
  • Control the scenes trough the Voice control
  • Personalize the home scenes with MIFARE DESFire
  • Be notified in case a danger is detected
  • Be notified in case a door/window is opens
  • Be notified in case a baby is crying