Withings Smart Body Analyzer

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Withings Smart Body Analyser



Weigh scale, Body Mass Index (BMI), Pulse, Air Quality, Weather forecast all connected to your smartphone and HeathMate App.

Works in cooperation with blood pressure monitor to provide total personal health picture.

Bluetooth ®



“Know your body. Reach your goals.”

Pinpoint your weight and body composition

Get high-accuracy weight and body fat measurements, as well as your Body Mass Index. Pick the right body type to optimize the fat mass measurement — if you exercise vigorously on a regular basis, switch to "Athlete mode".


Your history, on hand

Because data is great, but personalized coaching is even better, the free Health Mate app breaks down your goals into achievable weekly targets, while keeping you focused with relevant tips and reminders.  The Smart Body Scale works with iOS and Android.


Strengthen your heart

More than a weight scale, the Smart Body Analyzer also measures the hearth rate. An effortless and ingenious way to give you the information you need to make the right decisions for your health.

Air quality screening: As the scale checks your bedroom indoor air quality through temperature and carbon dioxide measuring, the app builds a CO2-level graph with the important thresholds and lets you know when to clear the air.

Localized Daily weather: The scale provides local weather forecast to help you plan clothing or activities for the day.

Multi-user: The whole family - up to 8 people - can enjoy the experience. The scale automatically recognizes who's who.

Wi-Fi sync: Get on the Smart Body Analyzer and a few minutes later check your data automatically updated on a graph in your app.






Kinetis MK20 512K


K20 is a 32bit Cortex-M4 based MCU up to 100MHz with 512K Flash and 64K RAM delivers enough performance to run a Bluetooth SW stack for synchronization to smartphone or computer and keep the display content.

It includes a USB for battery charging

K20 various low power modes (as low as 90uA with interfaces on) enables extended autonomy of the device

Various interfaces to connect to sensors





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