Vehicle Connectivity Gateway

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The Vehicle Connectivity Gateway demonstrates the type of data that can be transmitted over the air from a vehicle using NXP silicon to provide services that may be applicable to the vehicle owner, car manufacturers and other service providers such as local councils or insurance companies.



Fleet View

This use case shows how the GPS data can be used to track all the vehicles in a fleet. When the live demo is running all the vehicle locations are shown as pinpoints on the map and users can then click on a particular vehicle to get its speed and also view the road camera image.


The consumer use case shows that location, accelerometer and camera data can be used to check who is driving the vehicle and their speed/acceleration. This could allow parents to ensure only their child is driving their car and that they are driving safety. This data could also be fed to insurance companies to give a live tracking of insurance premiums based on driving style.

Big Data

This use case shows that location, speed and G-Force data could be used by vehicle manufacturers to collect large amounts of data on the stresses put on the vehicles and use this as part of the vehicle design process. When running live the website plots the top G-Force events and allows users to select individual events to show the location and speed of the event.

Stress Street

This use case uses the heart rate data from the drivers to track the most stressful streets. The website then displays the top 3 locations which show the biggest change in heart rate. This use case is aimed at the smart cities market where the data could be used to help identify issues from many locations that it may be difficult to gather data on without this type of vehicle connectivity.



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