V2X In-door demonstrator

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This demonstrator shows V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and/or infrastructure) communication based on the IEEE1609 and IEEE802.11p communication standards, as implemented on NXP chips. With their superior communication quality, the RoadLINK chipset, Hardware Security Module (HSM) and i.MX6 offer the basis for OEM implementations of V2X safety systems.


The in-door V2X setup consists of a model car equipped with an On-Board Unit (OBU), communicating with a Road Side Unit (RSU). The RSU and car exchange a range of messages to demonstrate different use cases, such as traffic light status communication (with model traffic light), Road Works Warning, In-Vehicle Signage, etc. Also communication between cars can be demonstrated, like Electronic Emergency Brake warming.


The application running on the tablet shows the model car (blue icon) driving a track on the map, encountering various events and cars (ambulance icon and red car icon). Also, the related messages will be displayed if the car approaches events. This is based on actual V2X communication between RSU and OBU!


The following use cases are implemented in the current setup:

a. Green Light Optimal Speed Advice (GLOSA)

b. Road Works Warning (RWW)

c. Pedestrian Crossing (Vulnerable Road User)

d. In-Vehicle Signage (speed, warning signs)

e. Electronic Emergency Brake warming (press button on small model car)

f. Emergency Vehicle Approach warning (press button on model ambulance)

g. Secure communication


The HMI on the 7” or 10” tablet has different display modes:
1. Overview display with dynamic map, showing the driving car and events

2. Diagnostics view (sniffer) showing all incoming messages

3. Logging view for configuration/error resolution


NXP Technology Used in Product:

RoadLINK chipset, i.MX6, SMX