TQ System TQMLS102xA LS1 and TQMT1042 QorIQ T1 Embedded Modules

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Description (TQ System TQMLS102xA)

The Embedded module TQMLS102xA, based on the processor LS102xA from NXP, combines the ARM Core Architecture with the QorIQ high speed communication technology. The integrated graphics controller supports applications with display and touch screen requirements.

For various applications such as networking, industrial automation and controls with requirements for fast and secure data processing, there are optimized CPU variants available.


With a Dual-Core ARM Cortex™ A7 core and a clock rate up to 2 x 1,0 GHz the TQMLS102xA provides a balanced ratio between high performance and power dissipation.

* Graphics

* Extended temperature range

* High-Speed communication via 3x Gigabit Ethernet, 2x PCle and 1x USB 3.0 interface

* Low power consumption (typ. 3 W)

* QorIQ Trust Architecture and ARM TrustZone

* IEEE 1588 support

* Security functions and QUICC Engine


Value Propositions

* High performance dual Cortex-A7 processing

* LCD controller (2D-ACE)

* Low Power consumption


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TQ System TQMT1042 QorIQ T1 Embedded Module



The TQMT1042 embedded module embodies the next generation of the well-known TQMP1020/2020 QorIQ™ product family. The QorIQ™ T1 processor family inaugurates new applications in industry and communications. 


With four e5500 (64-bit) cores and a clock rate of up to 4x 1400 MHz, the TQ modules using QorIQ™ processors provide the best ratio between processing speed and power loss. The 28 nm technology significantly reduces the power consumption compared to a QorIQ™ module of the former generation. 


This feature, together with the expanded temperature range and intelligent power management, enables the use in fan-free systems. The TQMT1042 is best suited for industrial applications that demand high availability, outdoor ambient temperatures and small overall size.


* Quad core up to 1400 MHz in 28 nm SOI for the best Performance/Watt ratio

* High-speed communication via 5x Gigabit Ethernet, 4x PCle and two USB 2.0 High Speed interfaces

* Dual SATA interfaces for data storage

* Easy function extensions via PCle, eSPI, I²C and IFC (Local Bus)

* IEEE 1588 time synchronization in hardware

* Extremely compact module dimensions

* Display Interface Unit


Value Propositions

* Quad core up to 1400 MHz

* e5500 (64-bit) cores 


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