Samsung DA-F61 Portable Wireless Speakers with NFC Product

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Short Demo Description:

The Samsung DA-F61 Portable Wireless Speakers demonstrate how easy and convenient Bluetooth pairing with NFC can be. Just tap your NFC enabled device (phones, tablet…) on the speaker while playing music and your device will automatically wake up the speaker from its sleep mode, pair with the speaker and play music. Once finished with listening music, you can tap the speaker again to put the speaker back into sleep mode.  


Value Propositions

* End user convenience:

     o The fast read capability allows scanning of the complete NDEF message with only one FAST_READ command, thus reducing the communication time overhead 

     o The improved RF performance allows for more flexibility in the choice of shape, dimension and materials 

     o The field detect functionality is based on an open-drain implementation that requires only one pull up resistor 

* Security

     o Manufacturer programmed 7-byte UID for each device 

     o Capability container with one time programmable bits 

     o Field programmable read-only locking function per page up to 0Fh pages (per 2 pages (NTAG 213F) or per 16 pages (NTAG 216F) for the extended memory section) 

     o ECC based originality signature 

     o 32-bit password protection to prevent unauthorized memory operations 

* Optimised for battery-based operation

     o The NTAG21xF product family features RF field detection functionality based on Open Drain that can be configured with different RF signals or trigger actions

     o The corresponding output signal can be used as interrupt source e.g. to wake up an embedded microcontroller or trigger further actions - e.g. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing.

     o SLEEP mode feature, which allows the electronic device connected with the NTAG21xF to disable the NTAG21xF product by shorting the field detect pin to ground followed by RF field reset. This enables the electronic device to hide the NTAG21xF product from the NFC reader device in case its battery level is too low or for privacy reasons.

* Best in Class NFC enabled device interoperability

     o NTAG21xF IC provides full compliance to the NFC Forum Tag 2 Type technical specification and enables NDEF data structure configurations.


NXP Content:

The NTAG21xF family provides a particularly well suited portfolio for NFC pairing use with battery-powered systems, such as speakers and headsets, where it can wake the system thanks to its field detection features and initiate Bluetooth or Wi-Fi pairing.  


NXP Recommends: 

The NTAG213F and NTAG216F are the new NFC forum compliant Type 2 tag products for NFC applications in electronics (i.e. connection handover, Bluetooth simple pairing, Wi-Fi Protected set-up, device authentication, gaming and others).

As well as offering a large range of user memory (144 bytes for NTAG213F and 888 bytes for NTAG216F), the NTAG21xF product family offers innovative functionalities like configuration of the field detection, the SLEEP mode, the FAST_READ command and configurable password protection.

The NTAG21xF product family is designed to fully comply to NFC Forum Type 2 Tag and ISO/IEC14443 Type A specifications.

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