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Low cost connectivity to mobile devices for configuring preferred settings, customization and troubleshooting


Short Demo Description:

This demo is based upon the NTAG Explorer kit. Washing machines typically range from low-‐end models with very basic displays, where one might be able to select between a few temperatures, soil levels, load cycles, and perhaps load sizes, but not much more, to upper-‐end models, which feature far more options. To provide those extended features, the user display console must become more complicated, adding $20-‐25 to the product bill of materials.

With the NXP NTAG I2C chip, a manufacturer can provide enhanced features, using an NFC-‐enabled smart phone as the interface, very inexpensively. This demonstration provides insight into just some of the ways a washing machine manufacturer can improve the user experience.


Value Propositions

The NTAG I2C tag chip is the first product of NXP's NTAG family to offer both contactless (NFC Forum Type Tag 2 Compliant) and contact (I2C serial bus) interfaces. The I2C serial bus interface supports communication with a microcontroller if the NTAG I2C has an external power supply. Other features include:

* Externally powered SRAM to enable fast data transfer between the RF and I2C interfaces without affecting the write cycle limitations of the EEPROM memory. 

* Configurable Field Detect pin, to trigger an external device when detecting activity on the RF interface.  

* Energy harvesting circuitry to supply power to low energy devices, such as low power NXP microprocessors. (See example of this functionality at

* Insertion of the NTAG I2C IC into electronic products provides an inexpensive way to communicate with those items—even when they are powered down—using equipment consumers already have in their pocket, namely an NFC enabled mobile phone. This capability adds convenience, reduces cost, and enables new product features and applications.

* To ease development, NXP has developed an explorer kit for the NTAG I2C tag chip product. 


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