Power Logic NPIC LED Driver

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Modern MCUs are intentionally low power and low current. Use one of these tiny devices to gain high power open drain outputs using only a few pins. Cascading multiple stage shift register with storage permits expansion to many outputs.

Each open drain output is capable of 33V@100mA drive, with 250mA total device capability.


Short Demo Description

* The NPIC is a serial-in, parallel-out shift register with onboard power FETs. The serial interface is so simple that no microcontroller is required: this demo uses only a 555 timer to create the LED sequencing.

* Two rotary knobs are provided to allow the user to select the speed of the LED scan and the delay between scans


Value Propositions

* Typical LED drive requires a microcontroller, many IO pins and external power FETs. The NPIC6C596 integrates a serial input, latches and Power FETS capable of up to 100mA@30V on each of the 8 output channels. It also includes onboard overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown to protect itself from overload.

* The NPIC6C596 provides the lowest-cost-per-channel solution for driving LEDs for a wide variety of consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

* Multiple NPIC6C596 can be cascaded together to drive thousands of LEDs from a single set of 3 control wires, greatly reducing wiring and connector costs in a system

* This device is available in Q100 Automotive Grade for high-temperature, high reliability applications

* The design of this demo can be used directly for customer applications such as sequencing road signs, emergency vehicle light bars, etc. 

* With the addition of a microcontroller, the NPIC can create an infinite number of LED patterns, including 7-segment LED drive, graphical displays and PWM dimming


NXP Content

The NPIC6C596 Power logic 8-bit shift register; open-drain outputs for LED drive


NXP Recommends

The NPIC6C596 provides a simple, integrated, low cost method to drive multiple LEDs for a wide variety of applications including consumer, industrial and automotive