Intelligent packaging with RFID/NFC – created by STORA ENSO & NXP

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* The Macaron smart package demonstrates a useful NFC consumer experience that adds functionality to the product on hand at the point of sale and usage.  Tapping the NFC tag with a black colored SAMSUNG S5 Galaxy NFC phone labeled “INTELLIGENT PACKAGING” with an already opened ‘Go Nuts’ app to alert the user to a nut intolerance (- the user may get alerted to one or all of six nut intolerances, such as almond or hazelnut). Nut intolerances shown are based on pre-configured tag IDs and the app user’s allergy setting.


* As 2nd use case based on NXPs UHF chips connected to printed antennas  When the package is opened a connection at the UHF antenna, printed onto the package, is also opened, a state which is recognized in a status flag in the integrated UCODE chip. The value of the status flag may be read out over a long distance of several meters and, if required, used to set an alarm. Once the package is closed again the status flag in the chip will toggle back. UCODE chips supporting this feature are UCODE G2iL+ and G2iM+. The demo can be operated with standard stationary UHF readers or alternatively with UHF handheld readers. No special command is required – all EPC readers support this feature with their standard command set.


* The Chocolate smart NFC pack demonstrates a multi-faceted consumer experience in tune with the premium chocolate delight. The consumer can access extra product information, chocolate storing instructions, as well as indulgent recipe recommendations for different occasions, using the NFC phone and app . Social plug-ins support social sharing. The consumer experience gets further enhanced by contextual information based on light and/or temperature exposure. The in-app ‘Smart guess” food recommendation feature, when activated, prompts recipes based on the phone’s light sensor and light surroundings.  


Adding NFC tags to retail packaging can enhance the re-order experience and lead the customer to the appropriate online site.

Additional product data can be presented to the end user, and advanced features like tracking opening of blister packs are possible.

Brand protection, tamper protection inventory management and customer interaction using secure intelligent NFC and RFID tags.


The NTAG21x family provides a particularly well suited portfolio for NFC enhanced smart consumer products, driving the integration between physical objects and the Internet of Things.  These smart products enable deeper customer relationships, real-time customer service, brand protection, condition monitoring and much more.


The UCODE G2iL+ and G2iM+ products enable fast and accurate supply chain traceability, both at multi-pack and item-level. In the retail store fast inventory management at a speed of 20 000 items per hour provides one of the most compelling RFID based use cases, along with theft protection. In bricks & mortar retailing, consumers simply don’t buy, if products are not available on the shelf.  UCODE G2iL+ and G2iM+ in addition offer, tag tamper alerts in a way that information is sent to an RFID reader on whether the package is currently open or closed.  In a typical setup stationary RFID readers with antennas on the ceiling of the room would create an automated alarm as soon as the package is opened and the product has not yet been paid for.

Future pack enhancement of the ‘Chocolate’ demo: The NHS31XX series can deliver an optimized platform for smart NFC labels, combining NFC functionality with temperature sensing, processing and storage. The NHS31XX can also be connected to the UCODE UHF for track-and-trace functions.


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Building on NXP’s long-standing leadership in NFC, our NTAG21x passively powered ICs work seamlessly with our NFC reader ICs, which are used in more than 90 percent of all NFC-equipped mobile handset models. NTAG21x NFC solutions fully comply with NFC Forum tag type 2 specifications and can store NDEF-formatted data, making them compatible with every NFC-enabled phone and the entire ISO/IEC 14443 contactless infrastructure. Our NTAG21x IC portfolio features best-in-class RF performance, a range of memory sizes (from 48B to 888B) and smart built-in features such as an interaction counter or a UID ASCII mirror. Fast, seamless and easy to use RF interfaces make the NTAG21x IC portfolio particularly well suited for commercial mass applications.