Dnurse Medical Station

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Monitor blood glucose levels and track health from anywhere using Dnurse. Get a detailed analysis of your health with graphical data output.


  • Blood glucose level measurement
  • Data calendar that allows you to view your health over time
  • Self-reported mood tracker


NXP Content:

Kinetis KL05Z16


NXP Recommends:

Kinetis KL0x

NXP MCUs Power Mobile-Accessible Blood Glucose Meter to Help Ease the Burden on Diabetics With the Dnurse blood glucose meter smart handset, diabetics can track and analyze their condition from almost anywhere


Value Propositions

Dnurse uses the Kinetis KL05 MCU for the perfect balance between functionality and low-power consumption. The Kinetis KL05 is a 32-bit Cortex-M0 MCU running at maximum 48MHz optimizing thus both static and dynamic currents, while maintaining outstanding processing performance. This device simultaneously provides a broad selection of on-chip flash memory (16KB) densities together with extensive analogue, connectivity and HMI peripherals.
KL05 enables a quick information processing within a low power envelop, something the available 8/16-bit MCUs were unable to provide. The Kinetis KL05 MCU is the perfect fit for DNurse requirements on both counts: processing speed and low power consumption.

In addition, the Kinetis KL05 MCU also supports 12-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC, saving DNurse engineers the need to include an external analogue component, thereby helping reduce costs while enabling the developers to keep down the size of the product. At the same time, the Product Longevity Program* eliminated any concerns regarding the ability to upgrade in the future.



Kinetis KL0xCompact, ultra low-power MCUs


Dnurse Case Study