Logic and Discretes Small Advanced Packages for IoT Applications

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NXP Content:

31 of the most common Logic packages from NXP, shown side by side in Leaded and Leadless to demonstrate possible board savings

NXP offers the most advanced and smallest packages in the world. i.e. Diamond package squeezes 5 pins into 0.8mm2 maintaining  easy to use 0.5mm pitch


NXP Recommends:

* NXP has the industry’s largest selection of logic packaging options. This give the customer many options to optimize board space/cost savings for their design


Short Demo Description

* Two cards are provided under an illuminated magnifying glass. 

* In the largest board, 31 packages are arranged in columns with the (larger) leaded package on the left, the (smaller) leadless package in the center and an open PCB “footprint” to show the pattern of leads on the bottom of each package

* The smaller board shows examples of the 8 most common packages in the Mini Logic family (all 10 pins or less). There is only minimal duplication of packages between the two boards. Of particular notice on this board should be the “GX” devices in the upper right: the unique “Diamond” packages, recently developed by NXP

* Note that this demo is “static” only: no power is connected so it is shown for mechanical sizing purposes only


Value Propositions

* Many package options are available from NXP logic. This allows the designer to select the optimal package for cost/size constraints

* A total of 35 unique package options are shown here.

Note that NXP supports more than 80 different logic packages in total: not all are shown here