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This demo shows computational capability of MKM34Z256 device in an audio processing application. An application for spectrum visualization has been created for a Windows tablet.  Moreover, information about comparison of performance between ARM Cortex-M0+ with and without MMAU IP is being transferred to the host and visualized. 


For serial port connection scanning of available serial ports is available on the host side application.

- Audio Spectrum window shows octave band audio spectrum of the input audio signal. The yellow coloured bar of the spectrum is computed with use of the MMAU-IP. Red bars show that computation is done with ARM Cortex M0+ instructions only. 
- Performance comparison window shows differences between times needed for computation of octave audio spectrum for 1024 samples. Computation with MMAU IP is about 4.15x faster. 
- Data Logger window shows incoming raw data from Kinetis M device. 


Value Propositions


MKM34Z256VLL7 MCU could be used in many various applications, not only metering.

High computational capability with use of the MMAU (Memory Mapped Arithmetic Unit) IP on MKM34


NXP Content:  MKM34Z256VLL7