77GHz Radar Using Fast Modulation Technology

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Upgrade your radar systems with 77 GHz radar using fast modulation technology. Combine RADAR measurement of object distance and speed relative to sensor with vision based pedestrian detection.  Detect pedestrians and objects in-frame with RADAR data correlated to assign distance and speed, with information overlaid onto camera image.


The demo combines a 77GHz RADAR sensor module with a camera system, applying image processing techniques to detect people in the captured image and measure their distance and speed relative to the sensor using the RADAR. It uses the strengths of RADAR to accurately and quickly measure the range and velocity of objects with great resolution, from close to far range. This is combined with the vision based system that is effective in object identification, classification and tracking. The data from both sensors is correlated to assign a distance and speed to each detected person. Combining multiple types of sensors to leverage the strengths of each is key to effective ADAS systems and is central to enabling autonomous drive.


Value Propositions


Integrates hardware acceleration for RADAR signal processing operations with high performance CPUs

On-board high performance RADAR analogue subsystem with sigma-delta ADCs and chirp generator

Low-power, functionally safe design targets ASIL-D automotive applications

System-level integration with Freescale RADAR RF transceiver products



High-performance and excellent signal integrity in small packages for automotive applications

Suitable for short, medium and long range RADAR and scalable for multi-channel operation

76-81GHz RF band ensures compact antenna size with low-power operation

Highly integrated design with built-in compatibility with Freescale ADAS MCUs

  • 77 GHz
  • Fully scalable for multichannel operation and digital beamforming
  • MPC577xK MCU with advanced FFT and signal processing acceleration
  • MR2001 77 GHz radar transceiver chipset
  • Integrated PLL
  • Ramp generator from next-gen MR3003 76-81 GHz transceiver
  • High speed sigma-delta ADCs
  • Chirp generation modules


MR300x 76-81GHz transceiver