Proximetry IoT Node Management Software

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Proximetry IoT Device Management Software provides the knowledge to find, see and monitor available network and application services via WiFi, Cellular, Wired and Wireless Mesh networks. They build solutions sensitive to the environment in which devices operate rather than one that simply attempts to force traditional management techniques upon networks and devices. Proximetry takes into consideration network and device constraints, such as: constrained network (low date rate, low power), constrained power consumption (battery operated sleepy devices vs. mainline powered "always on") and constrained processing with small memory footprint for both RAM and Flash.

By coupling network logic surrounding device "proximity" to network services, and "telemetry" (or intelligence) associated with specific application needs, the solution yields higher performance and more scalable IoT solutions. Proximetry provides cloud based access to a rich set of network, configuration, application, and data management services while being entirely open to the full range of protocols being propagated in the world of IoT. Proximetry ported its software platform to complement the entire NXP IoT portfolio with an emphasis on the i.MX6 gateway and the Kinetis Wxx MCU offering. Implementation spans the biggest "Things" in the Internet of Things (for example Boeing and Airbus airplances), to the smallest "Things" (LED lighting). The Portal is ideally suited for NXP MCUs and MPUs. Proximetry's Portal solution simplifies and automates many of the complex network management tasks thus shielding devices' software developers from complicated bootstrap, and network configuration/association problems thus accelerating time to market.


Proximetry Solutions include lighting, transportation, automobile charging stations, building management systems, smart cities and utilities, pipeline safety and energy monitoring.

The demo on NXP's IoT Tour monitors lights and temperature via a FlexIP IoT Gateway.



  • Built on AirSync technology to simplify and automate device discovery, visualization, monitoring, enhancement and autonomy
  • Agnostic to specific device make/model and method of connectivity (3G, Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.15.4, etc)
  • Manages devices using CoAP, SNMP, HTTP (REST), AMP (Proximetry's proprietary management protocol) and vendor specific proprietary management protocols



QorIQ P1025QorIQ P1025/16 Single- and Dual-Core Multi-Protocol Communications Processors
QorIQ P20xxQorIQ P2020/10 Single- and Dual-Core Communications Processors
i.MX6The i.MX 6 unleashes the industry's first truly scalable multicore platform that includes single-, dual- and quad-core families based on the ARM(R) Cortex(R)-A9 Core
Kinetis K6x Ethernet Crypto MCUsThe Kinetis K6x MCUs are pin-peripheral and software-compatible with many of the Kinetis K series MCU families, offering IEEE® 1588 Ethernet and full and high-speed USB 2.0 On-The-Go, including options with USB crystal-less functionality.