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Beer-Ring-00127-lg.jpgNobody likes to run out of beer! The SteadyServ® iKeg® system is a mobile, SaaS-based inventory and order management system for the beer industry. We provide real time intelligence for retail establishment and distributor sales staff members via an app for iOS or Android devices. SteadyServ gives retailers the power to know which beers are selling best, what is popular nearby, and what’s on tap near them, giving them a clear competitive advantage. Using the iKeg app, retailers also know exactly what they have in their cooler and what draft mixes are most effective to ensure taps are being rotated efficiently. Orders can be placed via voice, text, email or direct EDI — all through the iKeg app.

SteadyServ communicates to both retailers and distributors by letting retailers know what's available in their distributor’s inventory. If what they want isn’t available, iKeg can suggest profitable beer selections based on past sales and regional popularity. The iKeg system also lets beer distributors know at-a-glance which of its retailers are in inventory trouble. They can see who has ordered, who hasn’t and needs to order before they run out, and which of their retail accounts are out of sync and seeing a slow down in beer sales. This information allows beer distributor reps to jump in and provide specific help and resources to aid their retailers in optimizing beer sales — often the greatest profit center for many establishments.

The SteadyServ keg sensor collects and sends a host of information to users, including how much beer remains, the type and style of the beer in the keg, when it was delivered, when it was tapped, its age, and when the keg may run out. It sends this information to SteadyServ’s cloud-based software, where it is paired with other information, such as how much safety stock remains, the next delivery date, previous order information, past consumption trends, event information, beer consumption trends nearby, and even local weather forecasts which may impact patronage trends.

The iKeg® system is easy for retailers to set up and use. Simply log-in to the iOS or Android app to manage personal settings and oversee your entire inventory ordering process. With the iKeg system, the ordering process is collapsed to literally minutes compared to the hours it may have taken in the past. The iKeg app also allows you to send customizable automatic social alerts to Facebook and Twitter every time a new beer goes on tap. It also provides a number of fully-integrated tools to help promote your establishment, special event or a unique beer that you might want to highlight.

For distributors, The iKeg system requires light ERP integration using published APIs. SteadyServ’s® SaaS (Software as a Service) can integrate with your enterprise’s ERP system, IMS, or WMS systems, or stand-alone as a separate system. Information is delivered in real-time to the handset. Reports can be generated on-demand or based on stated schedules.

The iKeg system is secure, reliable and highly scalable. Designed to be ‘Apple-easy’, set up and systems management is simple. The iKeg system also uses its own secure wireless backbone, which incorporates the highest level of security and ensures that distributor and retailer orders and information systems won’t be compromised. And, the iKeg system uses state-of-the-art M2M (machine-to-machine) communication technologies to ensure the highest level of inventory and order management accuracy.


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