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The Compatibility Test Suite Verifier is a supplement to the Compatibility Test Suite. The main difference lies in that the verifier is developed for tests that cannot run on their own so they require user input in order to be tested.


These tests would include the audio quality, the touchscreen, accelerometer, camera, etc.


There is no “best verifier option”, one CTS complements the other. In this document we will focus on how to perform the Verifier test.




  • A PC with the Android SDK installed.
  • Your “Device Under Test” (your development board)
  • Optional >> A second android device with compatible Wifi and Bluetooth


Setup Steps:


  • Install de Android SDK on your PC
  • Download the appropriate CTS Verifier APK.

The list of APK’s can be found here:

  • Make sure that your Device Under Test has its system date and time set correctly.
  • Install the CTS Verifier APK on the Device Under Test*


For more information regarding ADB commands, follow this link:




After the setup is done, you should see the application installed:




You will see the list of available tests for manual verification:



For each test, you will see detailed instructions to run it, and a “pass” and “fail” buttons.




Once you run each test, you will have the posibility to choose the outcome. (in some cases, pass/fail outcome will be determined automatically).


The list of tests (for CTS Verifier 5.1_r2) is:


  • Camera: FOV Calibration, Formats, ITS, Intents, Orientation, Video.
  • Car: Car Dock Test
  • Clock: Alarms and Timers Test
  • Device Administration: Policy serialization test, screen lock test.
  • Features: Hardware/Software feature summary
  • Hardware: USB Accessory Test
  • Job Scheduler: Charging constraints, connectivity constraints, idle mode constraints.
  • Location: Battery saving mode test, location mode off test
  • Managed provisioning: BYOD managed provisioning, device owner provisioning
  • Networking: Bluetooth test, Wi-Fi direct test
  • Notifications: CA Cert notification, CA Cert notificacion on boot, notification attention management, notification listener, notificacion package priority
  • Other: Data backup, screen pinning, widget framework
  • Projection: Projection cube, projection multitouch, projection offscreen, projection scrolling, projection video playback, projection widget
  • Security: Keyguard password verification, SUID file scanner.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer mearument, CTS Sensor batching, CTS Sensor integration, CTS sensor test, CTS single sensor test, magnetic field measurement, sensor batching.
  • Streaming: Streaming video quality verifier.


Exporting test results:


Tap the “save disk” icon. A pop-up will show the path of the report that was created.



With the board connected to the PC through USB, pull the report using ADB:


  • To download all reports run : adb pull /mnt/sdcard/ctsVerifierReports/ .
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